Welcome to Daibutsu Ryokan. Located in central city of Takaoka,
Daibutsu Ryokan has been in business for 90 years.
The origin of the inn goes back to World War I,
as an accommodation for military personnel who traveled
from Port of Fushiki (located in Takaoka, Toyama, Izumi area) to Shanghai.


We’ve been taught to be thoughtful and considerate as craftsmanship over generations.
The guests are expected to spend the night quietly,
so that other guests will be well rested for work tomorrow.
For this reason, we do not offer a banquet or catering at our ryokan.
Please note the door closes at 23:00.


The Daibutsu Ryokan is named after “Takaoka Daibutsu”,
which is located right next to the inn and is one of the Japan’s three Great Buddhas.
We are proud to welcome so many guests to this traditional, old-fashioned inn.

Takaoka is located in the middle of Japan on the coast of the Sea of Japan. If you cross the sea you will get to Russia and through it to Europe.
This area is surrounded by the sea, and the mountains. It is also known for its cold and snowy winters. Under such circumstances, the nature, the traditional culture of the area and of course, the people’s hearts have stayed unchanged for a long time.The town is very quiet and peaceful. Our inn has been greeting our guests in its warm, family like way since 1932. Why not start an unforgettable trip to a Japanese countryside? You might discover the real Japan. Even more you might be the first person from your country who has ever stepped on Takaoka land. It`s a challenge!


Family or single travelers – you can feel
nostalgic atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door.
Relax and enjoy your stay.



Building  Wooden, two-story building

January, 1932

Parking Free Parking 15 cars
Guests Business, family, group, international, single, female
Number of rooms 20 guest rooms
Capacity 40 guests
Room Type Japanese style (shared bath, shared washroom)
Bath 2 (men’s, women’s)
Other Laundromat, computer, fridge
Room amenities Hand towel, bath towel, Japanese style bath robe (Yukata), TV (BS), desk lamp, in-room safe, phone, air-conditioning, tea, toothbrush, Wi-Fi


General Information

Check-In 16:00~23:00
Check-Out 06:00~10:00
Meals Breakfast 07:00~08:00
Dinner 18:00~20:00
Single guest: meals in the guest room
Two or more: meals in the separate room
Enjoy seasonal dishes made with fresh local seafood.
Bath 17:00~22:30
(Capacity Men’s: 3-4 guests Women’s: 2-3 guests)
Only shower available from 7-9AM
Hours To ensure guest security and restful night, the door closes at 23:00.


Contact us for long-term stays and rates.
Cancellation charges: 50% on the day of Check-In.


Take your time and enjoy our seasonal Japanese style cuisine.


Japanese breakfast  880yen / Japanese dinner 1760yen
※Meals may change on a seasonal basis.


Perfect inn for leisure and business trip in Hokuriku


For family or single traveler
On-site free parking capacity for 15 cars.


6 min walk from JR Takaoka Station
1 min walk to Great Buddha of Takaoka
5 min walk to Takaoka Kojo Park.






By Rail

From Tokyo region
【Tokyo Station】Hokuriku Shinkansen Kagayaki or Hakutaka (2 hrs 20 min) →【Shin-Takaoka Station】Johana Line( 5 min)→【Takaoka Station】
From Osaka region 【Osaka Station】Thunderbird(2 hrs 44 min)→【Kanazawa Station】Hakutaka or Tsurugi(13 min)→【Shin-Takaoka Station】Johana Line(5 min)→【Takaoka Station】
From Nagoya region 【Nagoya Station】Shirasagi(2 hrs 30 min)→【Kanazawa Station】Hakutaka or Tsurugi(13min)→【Shin-takaoka Station】Johana Line(5 min)→【Takaoka Station】


By Car

From Tokyo region
About 5 hrs【Nerima I.C】→ Kanetsu Hwy →【Fujioka JCT】→ Joshinetsu Hwy→【Joetsu JCT】→ Hokuriku Hwy→【Takaoka Tonami Smart I.C】
From Osaka Region
About 3 hrs 40 min【Suita I.C】→ Meishin Hwy→【Yonehara JCT】→ Hokuriku Hwy →【Oyabe・Tonami JCT】→ Noetsu Hwy →【Takaoka I.C】
From Nagoya Region
About 3 hrs【Ichinomiya I.C】→ Meishin Hwy→【Yonehara JCT】→ Hokuriku Hwy →【Oyabe・Tonami JCT】→ Noetsu Hwy →【Takaoka I.C】
About 3 hrs【Ichinomiya I.C】→ Meishin Hwy→【Ichinomiya JCT】→ Hokuriku Hwy→【Oyabe・Tonami JCT】→ Noetsu Hwy→【Takaoka I.C】
【Hokuriku Hwy】22 min drive from Kosugi I.C.
【Hokuriku Hwy】27 min drive from Tonami I.C.
【Noetsu Hwy】15 min drive from Takaoka I.C.


Daibutsu Ryokan

1276 Daibutu machi, Takaoka Toyama-ken, 933-0034

TEL 0766-21-0075


Rservation ご予約・お問い合わせ